The Way to Life

Allow me to give you a Warriors Blessing.

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Why do we face Suffering in our lives, As a christian I shouldn't have to go through this!


The advice in our reading from James is as basic and fundamental as we can get, and yet it is overlooked by even veteran Christians.
How many times are we disappointed because we experience opposition to our faith or because tragedy strikes us in some form or other? How many times do we find ourselves confused, hurt or angry, because life seems to be so unfair? James suggests a different response.
My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance (James 1:2-3, NRSV). So a basic issue is dealt with here.....

Why should I forgive people who hurt me? They hurt me so they should say sorry.


We all have something in common, we all have been hurt at some time in our lives.
I am not talking about the broken arms or the strained ankles.
I am speaking of emotional hurt that can range from the trivial, “I don’t love you any more, Mummy” to the mind blowing, “You need to know that there is someone else in my life.”
Think of the varieties of hurt. There are some here who may be carrying the legacy of inadequate parenting and in some ways feel their parents have left them with a permanent scar. Some may have been hurt at work. After years of hard work, enterprising initiatives, strong ownership of the job, you discover that the firm has brought in somebody from the outside for the promotion that you had set your heart on.....

Temptation comes to anybody who has defined moral standards. What should you do about it?


We all feel it at times! A child is playing with a balloon and you have a pin in your hands. On the day you are starting your diet again you are offered a chocolate.
When you are driving, a cat is crossing the road in front of you. There is an ‘ear bender’ heading for you in the shopping mall at a time when you are in a hurry. The unsolicited email offers you a preview of what can be found on a pornographic web site.
Temptation comes to anybody who has defined moral standards. Most of us would come into that category and most of us, during the past week, have felt temptation in some form or another. Many of us would have succumbed, and just prior to communion we will have a time when we can acknowledge that and seek God’s forgiveness.
But understand that James is not saying that there is something wrong with being tempted. He is encouraging us to resist temptation, not to feel guilty because we have experienced it!

What would Jesus do about my prayer life? Sometimes I think Jesus would respond by asking, “What prayer life?”


The question being asked is what would Jesus do about my prayer life? Sometimes I think Jesus would respond by asking, “What prayer life?” I have always battled to be a person of prayer in the manner I want to be.
I am convinced that prayer works. I am convinced it is the main avenue we have as Christians to be transformed into the image of Christ and be empowered to impact our world. I am convinced that a passion for prayer must lie at the heart of any church fellowship that seeks to see God active in their midst and see His kingdom built in peoples lives.
Yet in the midst of all of this belief – I still battle. My prayer life fluctuates. Some times it is great, other times it dries up!
I know many of you have the same battles in your own prayer life – you are not alone! So when I preach on prayer it is always a helpful nudge in the back for myself and I hope for you also.

The dangers and blessings of the Tongue. The tongue is easy to use, but not easy to control. And it can land us in a lot of trouble.


It is an important part of the human anatomy! Doctors sometimes look at it for an indication of health! When we are forced into situations where we cannot use it find ourselves becoming frustrated! If it isn’t working, we lose our sense of taste! We can use it to express disapproval without speaking a word. I am, of course, speaking about the tongue.

The way to Life is self? No. It is only as we give ourselves away that we can truly discover ourselves.

The Way to Life

"He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it." [Matt. 10:39]
Selfishness is the epidemic disease of our day. Unbeknownst, to those suffering from this disease, it is destructive. We are systematically taught from our earliest days to "look out for number one," to "pamper ourselves," and to "encourage selfactualization, self-awareness, and self-esteem." We have made a supreme vice into a supreme virtue.
As a result we have become self-absorbed, self-concerned, and selfconsumed. We have also become supremely unhappy and unfulfilled. As psychologist Paul Kellerman has pointed out, this is precisely because "The only path to genuine happiness and fulfilment is through service to others. It is only as we give ourselves away that we can truly discover ourselves."

Allow me to give you a Warriors Blessing.

"Lord God, Abba, I pray that You give to each Warrior You have placed on the walls of this world, a new and great revelation of the spiritual and natural realm. let them see clearly with Your Eyes the strategy of the enemy, as they go in full force with You, to attack them in their own camps. may they have health, wholeness, compassion, love, Peace, long-suffering, prosperity, strength, discernment, and wisdom.
May they increase in all areas of their lives, and may the enemy of us all decrease, according to Your Word. Give them new and great power of the Holy Spirit to speak to the circumstances of lives around them, and send the enemy fleeing in terror of the Mighty name of Jesus.
Help them Lord to raise up their arms, take hold of their staffs, and strike the rocks of evil, in power, and might, as they stand firm on the Rock of Ages. Be their front and rear guard as they go into the enemy camps around the world for You Lord. Sharpen their swords, and shine their shields, that the enemy will be cut deep and blinded by the Light of Your Word thru their mouths.
For all of us Lord, I pray that You take the fire of Holy Spirit, and burn each of us deep, that all darkness may be brought to the Light of Your Word and truth, and the purity of thought and deed may be exposed. let us not fear the enemy, but You, oh Lord. let us all be open to Your Word, and Your scrutiny of our thoughts, deeds, and actions. be with us always. be true to Your Word Lord, and prepare us to be a Bride to You. Holy and Blameless, ready for Your Return.
Help us to stand firm, and not back down when the enemy comes in to flood our lives with trials and turbulence. Help us to consider it ALL JOY when we are attacked this way. As it is a sign to us, that we have him in fear and trembling of what we are doing for You Lord. "Not by Might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord Almighty!!!" We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.
We are able thru the Power of the name of Jesus and His Blood, to shake the foundations of Hell, and bring forth great revival in His name. Lead us Lord this year, and on past this year, to be the Mighty Army of God, that You are calling forth in this time. In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen.


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