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Actual size. Make your own.
NOTE: You may wish to use larger
Beads for the cruciform beads.
Then you can use it with your eyes closed.
So then, submit yourselves to God. Resist the Devil, and he will run away from you. Come near to God, and he will come near to you James.... 4:7-8a.

Anglican Prayer Beads are a relatively new form of prayer help, blending the Orthodox Jesus Prayer Rope and the Roman Catholic Rosary. The thirty three bead design was created by Rev. Lynn Bauman in the mid1980s.

The use of the prayer beads helps to bring us into contemplative or, meditative prayer really thinking about and being mindful of praying, of being in the presence of God by use of mind, body and spirit. The touching of fingers on each successive bead is an aid in keeping our mind from wandering, and the rhythm of the prayers leads us more readily into stillness. Contemplative prayer is enriched by these symbols whose purpose is always to focus and concentrate attention, allowing the one who prays to move more swiftly into the presence of God.

The prayer beads are made up of twenty eight beads, divided into four groups of seven, called weeks. In the Judeo Christian tradition the number seven represents spiritual perfection and completion. Between each week is a single bead, called a cruciform bead as the four beads form a cross. The invitatory bead between the cross and the wheel of beads brings the total to thirty three, the number of years in Jesus' earthly life.

Praying With the Beads.

To begin, hold the Cross and say the prayer you have assigned to it, then move to the Invitatory Bead. Then enter the circle of the prayer with the first Cruciform Bead, moving to the right, go through the first set of seven beads to the next Cruciform Bead, continuing around the circle, saying the prayers for each bead.

It is suggested that you pray around the circle of the beads three times (which signifies the Trinity) in an unhurried pace, allowing the repetition to become a sort of lullaby of love and praise that enables your mind to rest and your heart to become quiet and still.

A period of silence should follow the prayer, for a time of reflection and listening. Listening is an important part of all prayer.

Practice the prayers until it is clear which prayer goes with which bead, and as far as possible commit the prayers to memory.

Find a quiet spot and allow your body and mind to become restful and still. After a time of silence, begin praying the prayer beads at an unhurried, intentional pace. Complete the circle of the beads three times. When you have completed the round of the prayer beads, you should end with a period of silence. This silence invites reflection and listening after you have invoked the Name and Presence of God.

to be Prayed as a safeguard before using the Prayer Beads.

In the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, in and through His shed blood and in and thru the Power and Authority of the Holy Spirit, I take authority over every and all demons, spirits, forces, powers and principalities of the dark forces of the defeated kingdom of the defeated enemy, satan, and all else that comes from him and not from the one and only true and living God, as I use this tool to bring myself into a closer walk and fellowship with my Lord and God. I bind the enemies powers up within themselves and send them back to the desert places whence they come from, and I loose any hold they would gain on me as I use this Prayer style in my closer walk with my Lord. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayers to use with beads.


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