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Everyone needs to be accountable to someone, and we who walk in the light, more so.

There are times in our walk when we have said that it would be good if we could have someone faithful and trustworthy to talk with on our walk, someone who could be our Mentor.

Why do bad things happen to good people, I try to be good, Who can I turn to for help ?

We now have a band of Warriors at SWPW who are willing to act as a Mentor to you as you walk this Christian walk.

To one of these warriors you can be accountable, you can ask the questions that you want answers for, you can unburdon your heart without fear of it being repeated to someone else. In other words, they can be a Christian friend.

Please note that these people are not Counsellors, they are only Christian friends. They do not counsel, but stand with you and make you acountable.

All it takes is to fill out the form below and you will be matched with a team member who will walk with you as a friend and Mentor.

Mentor Introduction Form.
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filled in to make contact
with our Mentor team.

Mr. Mrs. Ms.

Please outline below
something about your situation :

You will be eMailed back, ASAP
by our Mentor Administrator,
after they take this request
to our Lord in Prayer.


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