Jesus gave His all for us

We all like to receive a gift or present. The person giving a gift does not ask for money or anything for it, otherwise it is not a gift. Every gift given to us is free, but it costs the giver something. It may have cost money or time.

We may give something of our own to someone that we like very much - that is called a sacrifice.

The Bible tells us that God gave a free gift to the world. You can read it in the part of the Bible called 'Romans' in chapter 6 and verse 23:

"The gift which God gives is to live for ever. Christ Jesus our Lord has done this for us."

It is a gift because we do not have to pay anything for it. It is freely given to all who want to take it. If you give a gift to someone, it is not a real gift unless they take it from you. God wants us to receive his free gift.

What is God's gift? It is to live for ever. We can receive his gift now and we will be his friend for ever, living with him in *heaven after we die. This life starts now. We can know peace and happiness in our lives while we live here on the earth - that is all part of God's gift.

God does not ask us to pay for this gift. We do not have to do anything to make him love us more, so that he will give us his gift. It is ready for us to receive. Jesus Christ has already paid for the gift. He came to the earth and lived a perfect life, then he died on a wooden cross - the way criminals were killed at that time. He died to take the punishment for everything we have done wrong, and to take away our shame and hurts. Jesus did this because he loves us so much.

Will this year be a special year for you? You could receive God's free gift and know that you will live for ever. Will you be reborn in Jesus.

Did you know that God longs to know us, He broke into history by sending his Son to live among us.
Jesus Christ came into the world....

To show us what God is really like, loving and just.
To reveal His authority as Ruler of the world.
To rescue us from the terrible penalty for our failure to obey God.

As rebels against God, we cannot meet his standards for good living, However, Jesus did in fact meet God's standards so he was able to take our place, he died on our behalf,
Jesus is God's answer to our problem.

* Jesus was innocent, but God sent him to take our punishment [ 2Co 5:21 ] Read Verse.

Jesus loves you, even unto death

* Because he loves us Jesus died for us while we were still rebellious.
[ Rom 5:8 ]
Read Verse.

Read about our Lords love for you. A Physician Analyses the Crucifixion.

* His death restored our broken relationship with God, now we can be his friends. [ Rom 5:9-10 ] Read Verse.

What must we do ?

* We must turn away from our past rebellion against God, and have a complete change of heart and mind towards him.
Also we need to be genuinely sorry for all our wrong actions towards others, asking God to forgive us.
This radical change of attitude is called repentance.

* Trust in Jesus Christ and in what he has done for us.
We must make this real in our own lives by saying 'Jesus died for me, Jesus rose again from the dead to bring me new life.'
This is what is meant by believing in Jesus.[ Joh 3:16 ]
Read Verse.

* Acknowledge a new ruler, Jesus Christ.
Instead of being self-centered, letting our wills rule our lives, we must be Christ-centered, we must let Jesus rule our lives and be responsible to him.

Are you ready to accept your FREE gift ?

If you feel ready to come to God right now
and accept your Free gift,
then pray a prayer like this.

'Dear God,
I know I am not worthy to be called a child of God.

I don't deserve your gift of eternal life.
I am guilty of rebelling against you and ignoring you.

I need your forgiveness.
Please forgive me.
I want to turn from living my life in my own way.

I believe that Jesus died for me
and rose again to give me new life.

I now acknowledge Jesus as the Ruler of my life.

Make me a member of your family.
Please help me to love you and serve you always.
Amen.' [ So be it ]

That's all
it takes,
plus changing the way your life has
been going, Our God doesn't make it hard
for us to come
back to Him,
Jesus took all mine
and your blame,
for God loves you
and me that much.

Enjoy your free gift from a loving God.

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